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The Secret Life of Pets 2 Full Movie Online

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Full Movie Online: Facing the premiere of the sequel to “The Secret Life of Pets”, the animated comedy that broke box office records in 2016, the actors who voice the characters talk about the main purpose of the film: to convey positive messages to the most children in a moment of social turbulence.

“These films are increasingly important to insert images and positive messages in the lives of children,” Eric Stonestreet, an American known for his role in the hit series “Modern Family,” said in an interview with Efe.

Did you like The secret life of your pets in 2016? Many fans of pets (“hairy brothers” call them some) enjoyed it, but complained that the premise in the trailers turned out different in the final story, turning the animated movie into a road trip with a good collection of clich├ęs of the genre. .

However, The Secret Life of Pets was so successful in the children’s sector worldwide, that this June we will have a sequel, and Universal Pictures presented their final trailer today, which we present in their original language to enjoy the voices Harrison Ford, Kevin Hart, Lake Bell, Pete Holmes and more: